"Scarliner" - 1960 Starliner

We nicknamed this car “The Scarliner.” My friend, Tom, had sold one years ago to start his business. Once he had the money to buy a new one, he wanted the ultimate Starliner. At first glance, this car looks like a Starliner, but upon closer look, there’s much more character to this beauty.

This car is appealing to collectors for several reasons. It was a great platform upon which NASCAR teams could build vehicles, and, because of its use in racing applications, there are few surviving models. The design focused on aerodynamics and epitomized the jet-age design so popular in the 1960s.

Advertised as “the most exciting car of a lifetime,” the Starliner is massive--81.5 inches wide---an inch wider than the Lincoln model the same year. Ford also claimed it was “more fun to drive than any car you’ve ever driven before.”

This massive car needs a massive engine. Tom’s vision for this car included the motor from a 2006 Ford GT. Putting in such a massive motor in the 1960 Ford Starliner was not for the faint of heart. In fact, many folks had told him it couldn’t be done. Of course, we took the challenge. We didn’t just get the motor installed; we used the 2006 Ford GT gauges. We rounded it out a 2012 Mustang GT shifter.

The transmission is Ford 4R100, and we installed three-inch stainless-steel Magnaflow exhaust. Beautiful Bon Speed wheels add to the curb appeal of this beauty. The front wheels are 19 x 8 and the rears are 20 x 15. The rear tires are Mickey Thompson 31 x 18.5s.

The Bill Dunn black leather upholstery provides a durable and stylish interior. The ultimate Starliner needs some interior customization, and my custom-designed center console seals the deal for this classic car. Weather stripping by Steele Rubber Products ensures this baby won’t leak if it is out in the elements, and Vintage Air will keep the interior cool and comfortable as you cruise through town, turning heads. Aston Martin door handles provide both the polished and luxurious touch the interior needs.

I built the front and rear subframe BSI and the center chassis is Art Morrison. Scarliner features a Flaming River steering column and wheel, an Empire three-inch aluminum driveline and an Alpine touchscreen head unit.

2012 Porsche GT 3 ceramic 14-inch brakes with ABS will make sure you rein all those horses in when it’s time to slide into the garage. A C&R custom radiator finishes off this car that looks powerful even while idling. The Scarliner turned out to be a car worthy of these performance cars. Slipping behind the wheel will take you back in time, but the performance is all modern.

Motor: 2006 Ford GT

Aspiration: Naturally aspirated

Transmission: Ford 4R100

Steering Column: Flaming River

Steering Wheel: Flaming River

Instrumentation: s197 Mustang Gauges

Chassis: Art Morrison front and rear sub frame - BSI center

Brakes: 2012 Porsche GT 3 ceramic 14" with ABS

Driveline: 3" aluminum by Inland Empire Drivline

Exhaust System: 3" stainless steel Magnaflow exhaust

Interior/Upholstery: Bill Dunn black leather (custom center console by Bodie Stroud)

Electronics: Alpine touch screen head unit

Climate Control: Vintage Air

Weather Stripping: Steele Rubber Products

Engine Cooling: C&R custom radiator

Wheels: Bon Speed - Rear 20x15 Front 19x8

Tires: Rear Mickey Thompson 31x18.50

Extras: Stainless steel fuel tank

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