Thanks to “In The Garage” Fans

To “In The Garage” Fans,

I have some great news I want to share with you guys, the In The Garage show got picked up again for another year! Thanks to our sponsor Steele Rubber to make it all possible, but most importantly I want to thank you for following the show and if it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t be doing it. The radio show is something I try to do for people to be able to call in and ask questions and get the best tips to have in their own garage. This past year has been an amazing turn out with interviews with the best in the industry like; Mike Ring, Bill Smith, Vic Edelbrock, Jesse Greening, and great technical advice from Steele Rubber, RideTech, Vintage Air, Original Parts Group, Brembo Brakes, Rick’s Tanks, Boze Wheels, BF Goodrich, and a whole lot more worth mentioning. I plan to continue to have great guest on the show and to take this coming years show of In The Garage to the next level; with more detailed technical questions and answers to keep fans coming back for more. In order to make next year’s show a great success I’d love to hear from you all with feedback about the show and topics you would like to hear on In The Garage. Like I said this isn’t a paying gig it’s for you out there and about your project in the garage and I’d like to make sure you get the best tips and products available. You can email the shop at with your feedback.

Thanks again for listening,


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Bret Michaels and Bodie Stroud

And the twins finally met… OK maybe it’s just an inside joke here at the shop, but we’ll go ahead and give you the insight. Ironically enough Bodie is co-hosting as lead fabricator on a show with Bret Michaels that will air on the Travel Channel sometime in April. What makes it ironic is the fact that we call Bodie; Bret Michaels, well … he might have the good looks but most importantly his signature bandana on the forehead. When you know Bodie is getting down and dirty in the shop is when he has is bandana on, ready to absorb sweat without having to wipe it off with dirty hands and arms. Bodie being hard at work most of the time means the bandana name calling started a long time ago, but don’t worry Bret it’s all out of fun. We look forward to watching the twins on the Travel Channel soon, we’ll keep you posted.

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Short Documentary about The Real Thing

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